November/December 2019: It was my last embedded mission as a photographer before COVID-19 paralyzed the world: I was in Afghanistan with the German Bundeswehr as embedded journalist.

Resolute Support – this is the name of the NATO training mission that began in 2015 and includes the Bundeswehr. Afghan security forces are trained to protect their own country. Against the Taliban, against radical Islamists, against fanatical factions. The know-how is available from the German military, among others.

Camp Marmal near Masar-e Sharif, Northern Afghanistan: Around 1,000 German soldiers are stationed here, 10 percent of whom are women. Together with the armed forces of other 22 NATO member states, they do their job here. A total of about 2,000 men and women. On an area the size of 500 soccer fields.

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