November/December 2019: It was my last embedded mission as a photographer before COVID-19 paralyzed the world: I was in Afghanistan with the German Bundeswehr as embedded journalist. Resolute Support – this is the name of the NATO training mission that began in 2015 and includes the Bundeswehr. Afghan security forces Continue Reading


In 2015 I worked at the Turkish/Syrian border. The Turkish GAZI barracks were home to around 260 soldiers with  a mission: to protect the city of Kahramanmaraş and its more than 500,000 residents as part of NATO air defense. Therefore there are positions of the PATRIOT, the weapon system that Continue Reading


In 2018 I have been as an embedded photographer in Mali. The German field camp juts out of the red sand like a fortress with a three-kilometer wall and barbed wire. The German soldiers belong to the UN mission MINUSMA. A stone’s throw away is the once flourishing city of Continue Reading


In 2016 I had the opportunity to work with UNIFIL in Lebanon. Those United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon peacekeeping mission supports the Lebanese government in securing the maritime borders and preventing weapons smuggling from the sea. It began after the Second Lebanon War in 2006. The Maritime Operations Association Continue Reading


2017: As an embedded photographer in Erbil, North Iraq. The heat and the shimmering over the wide yellow plain are almost unbearable. The thermometer shows 43 degrees Celsius. The sky is blue and cloudless. Only in the evening it gets a little cooler with around 30 degrees. Then when the Continue Reading